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A Superior Exterior Sign for Superior Construction in Brentwood, TN

Posted on September 15, 2014 | Posted by Brooke Randell

If you've ever driven through our neighboring city of Brentwood, TN, then you've probably seen the large beautiful homes that look like they belong in magazines. Superior Custom Homes and Remodeling of Brentwood helps create some of these stylish and beautiful homes! To see some of their amazing work, check out their porftolio here

Superior needed a new exterior logo sign for their space so they came to us with an idea of what they wanted. They liked the look of channel letters, but didn't necessarily need a lighted sign because their location is in a well-lit area and their business closes before dark. To get the look of channel letters without the cost of implementing electrical elements, we came up with a design that captured the dimensional and sturdy look using foam.

Exterior logo sign for Superior Construction

The sign has a nice dimensional quality to it. I always think that signs like these make a big impact.

We took their logo design, which is a fun sort of German Gothic Font that uses a crown to dot the "i" in "Superior," and used it for the bulk of the sign. It's a great representation of the sort of homes they design—which can often look like castles—and also the idea that "a man's home is his castle."

The lettering, crown, and oblong shape are made out of two-pound styrene foam that has been painted with an exterior architectural coating. This black coating not only makes the foam look sleek, it also keeps it from deteriorating in the elements. It also hardens the outside of the foam to strengthen it and protect it from being damaged by things knocking into it.

On top of the routed foam shapes, we put routed acyrlic faces. This gives the front of the sign a glossy sheen and makes them appear a lot like unlit channel letters. 

Exterior logo sign for Superior Construction

It's a nice and big sign so people driving by will be able to recognize the logo, even from a distance.

The white letters on the oblong piece are made out of cut vinyl, which adhered nicely to the acrylic face of the sign. Because the entire sign is made primarily out of lightweight foam, we were able to install it in a way that was really non-invasive to the building. We only had to make a few small holes with standoffs, while the rest of the surface area is being held up with a silicone adhesive. So, even though the sign is about seven feet wide and three and a half feet tall, it's mostly being held up by glue!

Exterior sign for Superior Construction in the shop

In the shop the letters are laid out on a template and covered in a protective paper so the acrylic won't get scratched while it's moved to the installation.

We always enjoy making dimensional logo signs and this one was no exception! Looking for your own exterior signage? Click the button below to get a free quote on your project.


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