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An Interior Camo Wrap Brings the Outside In

Posted on September 22, 2014 | Posted by Kris Williamson

This past week, our lead wrap installer and graphic designer, Rich Novia (aka "the wrap master"), used his skills again on his very own 2008 GMC Sierra.  You may remember when Rich wrapped the exterior of his truck in matte military green back in March.  This time, he used the interior of his truck to fine tune his master wrapping skills.

Although there are a vast amount of color options for vinyl wraps, Rich chose to experiment with a digital print versus the wrap cast vinyl.  He created a digital print of Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity camo on Avery MPI 1005 vinyl with an Avery DOL 1060 overlaminate.  The results are impressive!  

Rich adds camo wrap to the interior of his GMC Sierra.

You can change the look of your interior with just a little bit of vinyl.

Rich applied the vinyl to the trim on his steering wheel, interior doors and glovebox.  With this project, he discovered an important TIP for preparing the interior for the addition of custom vinyl.  The interior needs to be extremely clean for the vinyl to properly adhere.  Although Rich cleaned the surface, he needed to take an extra step to remove Armor All that had been previously applied to his truck's interior.  If you are interested in adding custom wrap detail to the interior of your car, please avoid any interior detailing prior to bringing it in.  If you have Armor All or any other products remaining on the trim, we will need to make sure it's removed before we can apply the vinyl.

Camo wrap on the interior of the door.

No area is too small for our installers to wrap!

We also take great care to protect the interior of your vehicle.  We typically use an oxygen blow torch to apply a vinyl wrap to a vehicle's exterior.  (It sounds scarier than it is!)  The heat from the blow torch helps the vinyl material settle and adhere better.  Obviously, we would not use a blow torch inside a vehicle.  Instead, we use a heat gun that provides the same beneficial heat in a less "blow torchy" way.  

The entire process takes around half a day to complete.  We prefer to keep the vehicle for a few hours after the install to ensure that all areas that have vinyl are sticking properly.  If you bring your vehicle into us in the morning, we can have it ready for you by lunch.  You can't beat that, and your interior will have a completely new look!

The camo look may be perfect for you if you are an outdoorsman...or woman.  If you are looking for a specific camo pattern, let us know!  We print a variety of designs from Mossy Oak and Realtree and also create custom camoflauge.  If camo isn't quite your style, that's ok, too!  We can customize any color or pattern to ensure you get the look you want.  If you are thinking about a full exterior wrap but just can't decide, an interior trim wrap may be the best way to start the process.

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