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12-Point SignWorks' Signage Projects Of The Week

Branded Interiors Put a Spotlight on the Neches FCU Company Culture

Posted on January 06, 2022 | Posted by 12-Point SignWorks

This is the highly anticipated final installment of our Project of the Week with NewGround at the Neches Federal Credit Union (FCU) in Port Neches, Texas. For this article, we'll show you how we created seamless, branded interiors throughout the employee-only areas of the branch.

branded interiors We created the branded corner wall's tone-on-tone effect by applying contour-cut printed vinyl lettering to a metallic painted wall. Next, we applied heat to the vinyl letters to ensure good adhesion to the specialty paint.


Wall Graphics

We love a striking accent wall. Although the following wall graphics aren't as expansive as the history wall display from part one of our series, the on-site call center, interview room, and branded corner wall above still make quite an impact.

In the call center, the base layer uses the brightest of the company brand colors. Next, the vinyl graphic logos were applied to the wall in an alternating step and repeat design. The contour-cut white logos measure approximately 14"x10.375" and the color logo blocks around 54.3" square. We mounted the 72"x28"x3/8" thick frosted acrylic panel to the wall with a custom printed logo applied to the face. The contour-cut printed vinyl logo measures 58.875"x16" and has a satin laminate finish. We love the boldness of this display and can even see it as a great background for photos!

branded interiors The brand colors and logo design in the on-site call center keep the company culture visible for all those on the phone with FCU customers.


When deciding who to bring on as a new employee, having the company's core values front and center in the interview room can impact your applicants. The base layer is a digitally printed full-coverage vinyl wallcovering while the ten "core values" are individually printed vinyl graphics. Next, we then flush-mounted the 7" painted acrylic CORE VALUE letters and 9.75" square logo mark to the wall. We've completed a number of projects that feature core values, including this NewGround project for Fort Sill FCU, and we appreciate the constant reminder of the company's fundamental beliefs.

branded interiors The interview room's graphic design and "core values" in the company's brand colors ensure all applicants know the company culture.


Custom Frosted Privacy Vinyl

Experiential graphics are more than bold brand colors and expansive graphics. They also comprise tiny details like the custom cut-out logos and stripes we put in the frosted privacy vinyl applied to fixed glass surfaces. Privacy vinyl allows natural light to flow through while giving a sense of privacy, as the name accurately suggests. Customizing the vinyl with the Neches FCU logo ties it in with the rest of the experiential graphics package.

Frosted Etched Glass Vinyl This custom frosted etched glass vinyl provides privacy while still letting natural light throughout the building.


When customers walk through the door, they see the history and branding behind Neches FCU. Like the Neches River featured so prominently in the entryway mural, the colors flow and complement the space. From customer-facing departments to the employee-only areas behind the scenes, this bold experiential branding project with NewGround was most definitely a success. 

The beautiful thing about experiential graphics and branded interiors is that they somehow tie a business space together without being "matchy-matchy." Lose the cold corporate feel of days past. Let us show you how experiential graphics can bring your employees and customers closer together

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