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12-Point SignWorks' Signage Projects Of The Week

Branding & Directional Signage for Renovated WellSpring Christian Church

Posted on February 09, 2021 | Posted by 12-Point SignWorks

We've mentioned in past articles that a world without signs is a world without clear direction. We use directional (or wayfinding) signage every day to navigate through traffic, walk around facilities, locate a place of business, or avoid possible dangers. As our communities expand, more signs are needed to guide us. Fortunately, our 12-Point team is right here to help!

We have had the opportunity to assist many organizations in our area and outside of our area with their wayfinding needs. For an example of how we create and install these custom signs, check out our recent branding and directional signage project with WellSpring Christian Church in Spring Hill, TN. 


Branding & Directional Signage for WellSpring Christian Church Never too late to talk about holiday memories!

Since their doors opened in 2011, the non-denominational church has grown tremendously as a congregation and a community leader with several mentoring and educational programs. Before the holidays, WellSpring contacted us to fabricate and install custom signs inside and outside of their facility to refresh their branding graphics and direct members around the recently expanded worship space. 

Our team installed branding and directional signage in the following areas:

The Farmhouse

Our production team digitally printed vinyl graphics on 4" x 8", 1/4" thick white ACP (aluminum composite panel). We mounted the branded panel with aluminum standoffs to the side of the "Farmhouse," another facility on the campus used for classrooms and offices.


Custom Signage for WellSpring Christian Church Farmhouse ACP is also known as ACM, where the M stands for material.

Hanging Signs in the New Lobby Area

Between the old and new lobby area of the Westside & Eastside entrances, our installation team attached a double-sided hanging sign to provide directional information for traffic moving both directions through this passageway.

Fun Fact: Our production team applied an aluminum channel along the top edge of the sign in order to maintain its straightness over time.


Hanging Signs Installed by 12-Point SignWorks for WellSpring Christian Church Although WellSpring used their hanging sign for directional purposes, there are multiple ways to customize a hanging sign to fit your exterior or interior signage needs.

Welcome Center

For guests to easily spot the Welcome Center, we fabricated a vinyl wall graphic displaying WELCOME CENTER to apply to the corner walls behind the Welcome desk.


Custom Wall Graphic for WellSpring Christian Church We love how the wall graphic visually opens up the backspace of the Welcome Center.

Exterior Entrances

Our installation team installed dimensional 1/4" thick white acrylic letters—spelling out NORTH, SOUTH, or EAST ENTRANCE—to the brown aluminum sheet metal of each entrance canopy.


Directional Signage/ Lettering for WellSpring Christian Church The bold white lettering was a great choice for the exterior signage— easy for visitors to spot. 

Auditorium Entrance

Above each of the two auditorium entrances, our installation team attached a frosted acrylic sign with a matte finish and vinyl lettering on the face spelling out AUDITORIUM.


Acrylic Panel for WellSpring Christian Church We used masonry anchors to securely attach the acrylic sign to the brick surface. 

North, West, South Entrance Soffit Walls

Due to WellSpring's recent expansion, our 12-Point team also applied more directional signage in the lobby areas of the North, West, and South entrance soffit walls. The branded vinyl graphics may remind you of the custom directional graphics you see applied to the soffit of several entrance ways inside hospitals or museums.


Branding and Directional Signage for WellSpring Christian Church Printed or cut vinyl lettering offers a simple solution for identifying areas and directing traffic to other locations around church buildings.

Restroom Signs

Our production team fabricated six acrylic panels featuring a frosted finish with black and white graphics (spelling out MEN, WOMEN, or FAMILY) on each side. We attached the restroom signs next to the restroom doors in the children’s wing and the auditorium lobby.


Restroom Signage/ Directional Signage for WellSpring Christian Church Our installation team aligned the restroom signs in the auditorium lobby with the auditorium entrance signs.

These custom graphics are an essential part of WellSpring Christian Church's facility expansion. Without them, visitors would be confused navigating through the renovated space—much like you would be without signage directing you around a movie theater. 

If you enjoyed reading about our work and analyzed the benefits of what branding and directional signage can do for your facility space, then what are you waiting on? LET'S GET TO WORK!

Our 12-Point team is ready to help you enhance your overall brand experience with custom signage based on your organization's needs. Our team consists of experts in multiple fields of graphic design and fabrication. Our services include experiential branding graphics, vehicle advertising wraps, architectural displays, and much more!

Give us a call at (615) 595-6564 or click on the button below to get the conversation started. We look forward to working with you!

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