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Bridging Generations with a Cool Custom Dragster Wrap

Posted on March 24, 2022 | Posted by 12-Point SignWorks

Since our typical vehicle wraps are designed for box trucks and commercial vehicles, it's always a treat when a cool project like this comes in. Father of two and racing enthusiast, Jordan Echols, contacted us about creating a custom vehicle wrap. We're not talking about a car, either. Not in the traditional sense anyway. When Jordan was his son's age, he drove a Junior Dragster on the race scene. For this project, he wanted us to recreate the original Echols Racing look in a custom dragster wrap for his son Elliot.


custom drag car wrap This is just one of the few pictures we had of the original Echols Racing dragster. Our team did a fantastic job recreating the look from these old pictures.


Recreating History

Our design team is used to creating layouts from scratch, so starting this project with just a few old photos was no problem at all. Jordan dropped off the metal body of his son's drag car, and our team got started. The vinyl wrap was printed and cut into three separate panels: one for each side and one for the top. Once the material was ready for installation, Dave then meticulously applied the panels to the metal body so the connecting seams were nearly invisible. The elder Echols was very pleased with the final results.


Applying the vinyl Our team worked hard to ensure a virtually seamless custom wrap for the Echols Racing family.


Race Day

Although we completed the custom dragster wrap back in January, race season didn't start until the beginning of this month. On March 5th, at the Music City Raceway in Goodlettsville, Elliot Echols placed SECOND in the Junior Dragster class. We imagine (and can see from the BIG SMILES in the Winner's Circle photo) both father and son were very proud and now have a great memory to share. The nostalgia of the past came full circle to the present in the inaugural race of their custom dragster.


Music City Raceway Winner's Circle March 5th was a proud day for the Echols Racing Family. Dad Jordan watched his son Elliot win second place in a Junior Dragster almost identical to the one he drove as a child.


Whether you dream of becoming a racecar driver or are just looking to add some pizzazz to your company's fleet vehicles, we can make that a success too. Give us a call so we can create some custom vinyl magic for your own drag racing dreams!

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