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12-Point SignWorks' Signage Projects Of The Week

Bryan College Enhances Experiential Branding with New Custom Signage

Posted on June 05, 2020 | Posted by 12-Point SignWorks

This school year has been rough, especially for our seniors. The transition back to school is going to be different, but administrators are taking steps to ensure returning students feel welcomed. An example of one of these many steps can be seen from our recent work with Bryan College to enhance their experiential branding.

Let's take a look at how we helped them fabricate and install their custom historical display of their former to current presidents and the William Jennings Bryan (WJB) Memorial signage!

First impressions are everything! We installed each architectural display in the lobby of the college's welcome center; therefore, the designs had to be engaging.     

Architectural Display of current to former presidents of Bryan College installed by 12-Point SignWorks Our installation team used materials simulating the look of brushed stainless steel for the display's metallic components. 

Our production team used our HP latex printer to print photos of each president. They also created eight non-glare acrylic displays with historic photos applied to the back surfaces, creating a clear acrylic border area around each photo. Below each photo display, the production team installed faux metalized, stainless steel plaques that displayed each president's name and term served. 

Our fabrication team also constructed black acrylic letters with brushed stainless Rowmark faces that spell out PRESIDENTS, which are applied above the photos. 

Experiential design of the WBJ Memorial for Bryan College installed by 12-Point SignWorks “Attentive to our needs and details and responded quickly to questions since this was my first-time experience doing a project such as this,” stated Ms. Corinne Livesay about her experience with our owner Murray. (She is the wife of the current Bryan College’s President, Dr. Stephen D. Livesay, and the author of the biography William Jennings Bryan: A Difference Maker .)

The WJB Memorial signage was more complex because the layout covered multiple wall surfaces, and all the pieces had to flow together to tell the story of the college's namesake. 

The overall experiential design included six informational boards, seven acrylic displays, and dimensional letters that spell out WILLIAM JENNINGS BRYAN - A DIFFERENCE MAKER. 

WBJ Custom Dimensional Lettering for WBJ Memorial installed by 12-Point SigWorks The stainless steel faces of the acrylic letters create a beautiful glow when the sun rays beam through the windows!

Our production team used faux brushed stainless steel and thick, black acrylic to give the letters a shiny look to match the letters above the displays of the presidents. Since the letters were attached to painted drywall, we applied double-sided adhesive after fabrication. 

Informational Boards fabricated and installed by 12-Point SignWorks for Bryan College The heading of each information board included white acrylic lettering that highlights six titles: Beginnings, Politics, Education, Religion, Culture, and Remembered.

Our production team assembled the primary layer of the informational boards with black PVC and applied vinyl graphics to the faces with a protective UV matte laminate. The header layer was also assembled using a separate PVC panel wrapped in a woodgrain architectural film. 

Custom Signage for Bryan College fabricated and installed by 12-Point SignWorks The clear, acrylic border helps the historic photos stand out and engage future students or visitors to the life of Mr. William J. Bryan and how he demonstrated the college's mission statement, "Educating students to become servants of Christ to make a difference in today's world." 

The display panels were created by using non-glare acrylic and assembled using 4 to 6 satin finish edge-grip aluminum standoffs.

Experiential Design for Bryan College installed by 12-Point SignWorks “We were completely satisfied with every phase of the process from initial contact to final installation. Thank you for great customer service, quality design and fabrication of the signage, and timely and careful installation. Everyone was a joy to work with!,” stated Ms. Livesay.

As we stated before, first impressions matter! It is great to see schools, organizations, and businesses using this mind-set to create a refreshing environment for everyone returning back to everyday life. 

Could your company use a company history display or timeline wall to highlight your brand and work environment? If the answer is yes, call us today at (615) 595-6564 or click on the button below. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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