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12-Point SignWorks' Signage Projects Of The Week

Chesapeake Specialty Products Inc. Receives A New Steel Logo Sign

Posted on August 24, 2020 | Posted by 12-Point SignWorks

There are two things we love here at 12-Point SignWorks: food and working with our clients. Not only have we been blessed with multiple pizza deliveries (unfortunately not free!), but we've had a fun time creating out-of-this-world projects this month! One of our personal favorites is the steel logo sign we designed and fabricated for Chesapeake Specialty Products, Inc. 

Let's take a look at the bit of design and integration magic it took to create this custom logo sign!

Proof of Steel Logo Sign for Chesapeake Specialty Products Inc. (12-Point SignWorks) Preview of what’s in store (hopefully after you actually read the article lol)!

Chesapeake Specialty Products Inc. is a U.S. based company, with worldwide manufacturing facilities, producing environmentally friendly metallic abrasive, foundry sand additives, and iron products that are also cost-efficient. Therefore, a steel logo sign complements their brand identity perfectly!

Design Development

Before designing the layout, our graphic design team used a vector image of Chesapeake's logo to create a mock-up of the logo. It included dimensional lettering and other elements to be recreated in a 3/16" thick Corten "weathering steel" along with a back-printed acrylic component.

Every piece of this logo sign is unique, and it required our designers to pay close attention to details to make sure the layers would integrate with each other correctly. The photo below shows the materials and design components our team selected to make this dimensional sign stand out beautifully. 

Design Proof for Chesapeake Specialty Products Inc. Steel Sign (12-Point SignWorks)

Since the backdrop of the signage is orange wall paint, Chesapeake and our design team decided that the "pour" of liquid steel coming out of what is known as a ladle should be an outline to allow the orange paint to shine through it. Our production team flatbed-printed the yellow gradient color of the "pour" shape (see above) to fade into clear - to take advantage of the orange wall color as a part of the overall logo sign design.


Fabrication Process

Now, the fun part! To create the Corten steel components, we used a water jet cutting machine to cut into a sheet of 3/16" thick Corten steel. The ladle (“bucket” shape) was created with 5 layers of the steel bolted together to add more dimensionality to the logo sign assembly.

One of the trickiest parts of the “engineering” was integrating the acrylic “pour” shape behind the steel components with carefully selected attachment points.  Even with those challenges, we were able to create a remarkable sign. Take a look at the results!

Steel Dimensional Lettering for Chesapeake Specialty Products Inc. Project (12-Point SignWorks) The craftsmanship of fabricating each dimensional steel letter is amazing! True talent!

Although we didn't install the sign, we think the design team at Chesapeake did a wonderful job installing it themselves by following our step-by-step process. 

Steel Lobby SIgn for Chesapeake Specialty Products Inc. (12-Point SignWorks)

The steel logo sign looks AMAZING against the orange lobby wall!

If you want more information or more examples of how dimensional or steel signage can enhance the look of your office space or facility, check out some of our past articles.

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If you have already decided that a dimensional steel look is perfect for your next custom logo sign, then contact us today at 615-585-6564 or click the link below!

In addition to custom lobby & logo signs, we also specialize in branded interiors, window graphics, wall murals, architectural displays, custom projects, and vehicle advertising wraps. We’re delighted to serve Nashville and surrounding towns in Middle Tennessee, including Franklin, Brentwood, Murfreesboro, and Spring Hill. 

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