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12-Point SignWorks' Signage Projects Of The Week

Custom Branded Graphics, Wall Art, & More at West Texas National Bank’s New Location

Posted on May 21, 2021 | Posted by 12-Point SignWorks

We can happily say that Texas is one of our favorite places to travel to with our talented partners at NewGround. Since the beginning of our partnership, we have assisted NewGround with experiential branding projects for multiple organizations in the area. We can't wait for the next flight out! Until then, we're highlighting our recent trip to Odessa, TX, to help enhance a new West Texas National Bank branch location with custom branded graphics, wall art displays, and privacy vinyl.

Custom Branding Graphics & More for West Texas National Bank in Odesa, TX/ 12-Point SigWorks When customers enter your facility, you want them to feel welcomed and comfortable. One way to do that is by having a well-designed and neat office space with engaging custom graphics. 

As customers wait for financial assistance from the bank's tellers or consultants, a custom logo and menu of services displayed on the hospitality wall quickly connect them to West Texas National Bank's brand identity and values. 

The custom logo display has three separate design elements. The first element is a rural landscape photo, which we fabricated as a second surface graphic on three adjacent acrylic panels. The second element is the bank's name that our production team fabricated out of black dimensional, acrylic letters. The last element of this wall display is the bottom portion of the logo, which we printed and contour cut on high tack adhesive vinyl.


Custom Branding Graphics/ Wall Display for West Texas National Bank/ 12-Point SignWorks/ NewGround Second surface printing adds a layer of elegance to any display by applying the graphics to the back surface of the acrylic to show through to the front face.

Custom Branding Graphics/ Wall Display for West Texas National Bank/ 12-Point SignWorks/ NewGround We also installed a similar custom display in the branch's Business and Commercial Financing office area.

To create the display of West Texas National Bank's list of services, our production team fabricated a 3/8' thick clear acrylic panel and printed the graphics directly to the panel's back surface to show through to the front. Using the back, or second, surface creates a richer "wet" look as the graphics show through the thickness of the glossy acrylic.


Custom Acrylic Panel - List of Services for West Texas National Bank/ 12-PointSignWorks/ NewGround It's always a good idea to present your company's list of services in plain sight throughout your workspace so that customers are aware of what you can provide for them. 

We also fabricated and installed acrylic photo panels showing different West Texas landscapes for each office space- creating a sense of community for employees and customers. Additionally, we applied custom privacy vinyl on the conference room windows. 


Custom Wall art & Privacy Vinyl/ West Texas National Bank/ NewGround/ 12-Point SignWorks It's amazing to see how an office space can transform from bland to WOW by simply adding creative design elements.

We love traveling for work because we have the opportunity to partner with amazing people like NewGround and promote our company and services to future clients. However, our favorite part of traveling is sightseeing during our small moments of free time. Here's a snapshot of our owner Murray and lead production manager, Jeff, visiting the famous Cadillac Ranch exhibit in Amarillo, TX, during their downtime on another experiential branding project with NewGround. (Big reveal coming soon, so keep an eye out!)


According to Murray and Jeff's experience, the exhibit is something you should put on your bucket list for the summer!

We have a team full of talented and creative people who take pride in what they do and want to share their skills with businesses and organizations in need of new or refreshed experiential branding graphics. So whether you live in Tennessee, Texas, California, or even Canada, we can provide you with any of our custom branding or vehicle advertising servicesAll you have to do is click the link below or call us at 615-595-6564 to get started! We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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