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Custom Experiential Graphics Reflect New Branding for U.S. Eagle Federal Credit Union

Posted on December 17, 2020 | Posted by 12-Point SignWorks

There was a time when people relied on one bank in their community to assist them with their financial needs. Now with banking assistance right at your fingertips, financial institutions have started to compete in the growing bank industry by investing more in brand marketing and partnering with branding experts (like us) to create innovative experiential graphics for WOW customer experiences. 

We recently had the opportunity to partner with NewGround in fabricating and installing experiential branding graphics for U.S. Eagle Federal Credit Union's new branch location in Albuquerque, NM. For part one of this two-part series, let's take a look at the financial institution's new wall mural, branded tower spot graphics, and interior privacy vinyl!

Before we get into the details about our production and installation processes, we want to give a HUGE shoutout to NewGround's creative team for designing each layout of this experiential branding project! The designs capture US Eagle FCU's brand identity perfectly.

Brand Wall Mural

As customers enter the facility's doors, the brand wall mural is the first experiential graphic they'll notice—making it the center point of this project. The 17'-1" x 18'-10" wall mural surrounds what will be an array of 9 monitors to create a huge digital display, and it extends around a small corner covering a 9'-1 12" x 9'-8" wall.


Brand Wall Mural for U.S. Eagle Federal Credit Union installed by 12-Point SignWorks The small corner wall opens up to the entrance of the back office area—a perfect way to extend a visual of the company’s brand identity to its staff.

After working with NewGround's creative team to adjust the wall mural's size and branded color palette to a larger format, our production team printed the mural on high performance 3M vinyl with a decor textured overlaminate using our HP latex printer. 

Once we completed the fabrication process, our team packaged and shipped the custom material to the new location—where it met the hands of our installation team.


Experiential Branding/ Wall Mural for U.S. Eagle Federal Credit Union Although from the common eye the mural looks like one big application, it's actually 6 design panels seamlessly aligned together by our team of experts. 

To properly align each panel of the mural, our installation team started with the middle corner panel because it set the placement of the logo and the rest of the mural patterns. From left to right, our talented installers applied each design panel to the walls. However, their work was far from over as another wall structure across the lobby needed WOW graphics too!

Brand Tower Spot Graphics

While fabricating the wall mural, our production team created contour cut printed spot graphics for a painted wall in the credit union's lobby. The spot graphics consist of high tack vinyl material with custom gray branded elements. 


Experiential Branding Design Proof Created by NewGround Shown above is a design proof of where each spot graphic was positioned on the painted drywall.

At the new location, our 12-Point installers applied each spot graphic to its designated location on the drywall. The vinyl elements surround large, painted aluminum panels—which we will reveal details about in part two of this article series. Stay tuned!!


Team Members of NewGround and 12-Point SignWorks/ Experiential Branding Experts We wish we could reveal the entire wall display, but it would reveal our big surprise for the next blog article. Until then, enjoy these smiling faces of a job well done! (Left to Right: Kevin Brouillette- NewGround Chicago Environmental Graphic Designer, Julia Weigard, NewGround Project Manager, and Jeff Mooring- 12-Point SignWorks Senior Installer.)

Privacy Vinyl

The experiential branding project for US Eagle FCU's facility, located on the well-known Juan Tabo Blvd., also included interior custom etched privacy vinyl. Our installation team applied the window graphics to the lobby windows and the back office windows.  


Privacy Vinyl for U.S. Eagle Federal Credit Union Fun Fact: Customers can view the interior privacy vinyl on the storefront from outside the facility because the material allows light to pass through—much like the window itself does. Pretty cool, right?! Shown above is a visual of the privacy vinyl for the back office windows.

 12-Point SignWorks Senior Installer Jeff Installing Window Graphics Sssshhh!. Classic metal and rock music are the only sounds allowed when Jeff is working. Haha

We sincerely appreciate NewGround for trusting our company once again to bring their beautiful projects to life, and we can't wait to see what they ask us to fabricate and install next!


12-Point and NewGround Installing Experiential Graphics for U.S. Eagle Federal Credit Union Thumbs up for success!


In our next "Project of the Week" article, we will take another behind the scenes look at our production and installation processes for the other experiential branding graphics at US Eagle Federal Credit Union's new Albuquerque location. 

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If you are a business owner who found inspiration from this branding project and want to refresh your office space or need a trustworthy company to help kick start the interior design for your new office space, then you've come to the right place!

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