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12-Point SignWorks' Signage Projects Of The Week

Custom Exterior Signage Celebrates the Expansion of Franklin Christian Academy

Posted on August 08, 2022 | Posted by 12-Point SignWorks

With kids of all ages returning to school around the country, we think it's a perfect time to highlight two exterior signs that we created for Franklin Christian Academy (FCA) in our latest Project of the Week. In 2004, the private faith-based academy opened with just 38 students, operating out of different churches until its permanent campus opened in 2014. New construction began in 2021, which allows the school to currently serve 275 students. An additional 60 students will be able to register at FCA next year.  To celebrate all the growth Franklin Christian Academy has been blessed with and the expansion of its campus, we joined together to design, fabricate, and install custom exterior signage on their building façade. 

Illuminating the New Building

For their new building, we created two separate dimensional signage installations. The first, a 46" circular logo set in gloss black 4" aluminum returns. The team then applied a custom-printed FCA crest to an acrylic base backlit with LEDs.


Custom Exterior Signage The white acrylic letters framed by gloss black returns stand out against the light cedar siding of the new building at Franklin Christian Academy.


Below the circular logo of the FCA crest, we installed 12" custom channel letters spelling "FRANKLIN CHRISTIAN ACADEMY" out of white acrylic that the team set in gloss black 3" aluminum returns. We attached the letters to an aluminum raceway painted to match the cedar siding. The dimensional signage for the academy name measures a whopping 316" w x 12" h, making it very easy to see, even from a distance.

Freshening Up an Original

The new FCA building was designed to blend cohesively with the original building as both have beautiful cedar siding. When the school included new dimensional logo signage in their expansion, they requested a smaller version of the name signage we created for the new building. 


Exterior Signage FCA Building 2 Although the signage for the original building is smaller than the new building's, it still provides plenty of visibility.


The white letters for the existing building's signage were set in 1" black returns and attached to a custom-painted raceway. Although this signage is a bit smaller, the overall size measures 175" w x 7" h, ensuring visibility.


robin eggs in boom lift The sweet surprise found during the installation of their new signage will be a story for the ages.


Because the signage placement is pretty high off the ground, our team needed the help of an articulating boom lift. As a sign of new beginnings for Franklin Christian Academy, our team found a robin's nest with three blue eggs! They successfully relocated the nest, and students have likely seen those baby birds since not realizing how they came to live on the property. 

We still have ongoing projects with Franklin Christian Academy in the works, so keep an eye out for that! If your school or organization could benefit from custom exterior signage to increase your visibility, give us a call or send us a message today! We would love to create a signage package that highlights YOU! 

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