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Custom Logo Signs for Nashville Doula and Harbor Birth Institute

Posted on September 09, 2021 | Posted by 12-Point SignWorks

Custom Logo Signs The dark text printed on the clear acrylic of these custom logo signs stands out beautifully against their light-painted wall. Also, the champagne-colored hangers add a subtle touch of elegance.


We always take it as the highest compliment when a past client refers us to a new one. Back in May of this year, we were commissioned by Haven Birth & Wellness in Franklin, TN. They wanted us to create a beautiful acrylic logo sign for the lobby of their new office. Haven Birth & Wellness is a home birth midwifery practice located in the same building as another set of businesses specializing in childbirth services: Nashville Doula and Harbor Birth Institute. They were referred to us by Haven for their own custom logo signs.

Applied Graphics

Both signs were made by applying the graphic logo to the front of the clear acrylic surface. The two-color sign for Nashville Doula Services is on a 36”x20.5”x1/4” panel, while the Harbor Birth Institute Sign is on a 22”x14.1”x1/4” panel in one color. Both are installed in their office on painted drywall using 1” champagne-colored standoffs.

Custom acylic logo sign Their addition of the twinkling lights gives the signs a whimsical touch!


If you’d like to add custom logo signs or experiential graphics to your office space, give us a call. Whether you already have your own ideas or need a custom branding strategy with signage to match, send us a message. You could be our next Project of the Week!

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