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Custom Office Branding and Illuminated Logo Signs Light Up RYU

Posted on September 30, 2022 | Posted by 12-Point SignWorks

Replace Your University (RYU) was initially created to fill the void of “real world” education amongst the noise of trade schools, community colleges, and universities. Instead of training students to just “get a job,” the experts behind RYU want to encourage entrepreneurship and change minds about what was always thought to be the only path to success and wealth. RYU has been around for more than seven years but recently moved into a new space. They contacted us to create and install custom office branding signage to help spotlight their brand. 

Main Lobby Backlit Logo

In the main lobby, they wanted their logo to stand out and make an impact. We mounted the 55” x 27” stainless steel letters, which were painted satin white, to the wall with 1½” spacers. To light up their logo, so to speak, we then used bright white lights around the dimensional logo to create a halo-lit effect.


RYU Logo Signage This angle shows how the RYU in the logo is mounted away from the wall. It also highlights the halo lighting and flush-mounted letters below the logo.


Next, we applied 59.6” x 11” white acrylic letters flush against the wall, spelling out REPLACE YOUR UNIVERSITY underneath the logo. The illuminated dimensional logo and lettering measure over 10’ wide and more than 3’ tall. I’d say that it definitely stands out and makes an impact! 

Podcast Room Backlit Logo

The podcast room already had a really cool structured back wall to begin with. We just added a little bit of simple branding. Like the main lobby, the stainless steel RYU logo received the same halo lighting effect. Unlike the main lobby’s logo, the dimensional logo for the podcast room was a bit smaller at 36” x 17.6” and didn’t include the additional lettering. The smaller logo doesn’t compete with the intricacy of the structured wall but instead complements the space.


Custom Office Branding The simple backlit RYU logo sign looks classy against the structured back wall.


Custom Frosted Privacy Vinyl

To create privacy without sacrificing branding, we applied two large, frosted vinyl panels to the outside of their podcast room entry doors. The total size of the privacy vinyl panels measured 35.5” x 38,” and we cut out the RYU logo from the vinyl for a see-through effect. 


RYU Privacy Vinyl The frosted glass vinyl with the etched RYU logo creates privacy without sacrificing branding.


It doesn’t take a lot to put your brand on your space. If you’d like to create a custom office branding package for your business, give us a call today!

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