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12-Point SignWorks' Signage Projects Of The Week

Directional Graphics Comfort Guests At 27 Loews Hotels Locations

Posted on November 19, 2020 | Posted by 12-Point SignWorks

As a B2B company, 12-Point SignWorks understands the importance of communicating effectively with customers and even staff to maintain an honest place of business. We know, now more than ever, customers have high expectations for their favorite brands to provide them with comfort, safety, and compassion during these challenging times. However, you (yes, you business owners!) won't need to stress about how to convey the right message that addresses your customers' needs. WE ARE HERE TO HELP!

Our 12-Point team of experiential design experts is ready to help you create custom-branded advisory and directional graphics that uphold your unique brand identity, inform customers with updated COVID-19 regulations, and provide a safe work environment for your staff. Take a look at how we did just that working with 27 Loews Hotels locations and the company headquarters as they reopened their doors to the public. 

Wall Graphics for Loews in Arlington, TX installed by 12-Point SignWorks Last year, we installed motivational wall graphics at their newest location, Live! by Loews in Arlington, Texas. Check out the details in our past Project of the Week article!

Floor Decals

Floor decals are an easy and ideal way to catch visitors' attention—mainly because people will often look down as they walk. They are also durable for tile, hardwood, or even commercial carpet surfaces and are slip-resistant when used with an appropriate adhesive and protective laminate. The best part about floor decals is that they are customizable to any shape or size and can be designed to your liking. 

For the Loews Hotels locations and their headquarters, our skilled production team fabricated multiple floor decals and arrows that displayed a direct message to guests and staff to practice social distancing (6ft people!). What we love the most about these decals is the way the luxury hotel brand designed the message on their floor markers to not only be informative but also to highlight their "Welcoming you like Family" values.

Branded Directional Signage for Lews Hotel in Kansas fabricated by 12-Point SignWorks The durability of these directional graphics can last up to six months. You may think that six months is not a long enough "sign expectancy" to want to invest in floor decals; however, their quick wear and tear only means that people are receiving the conveyed message—the ultimate goal you want!

Elevator Decals

If you are a place of business with elevators inside your facility, then elevator decals are essential. Elevators are tight square spaces that don't provide a lot of clean air to breathe—not an ideal space to be around others during the pandemic. To follow COVID-19 regulations and provide safety for everyone, the 5-star hotel brand designed two types of elevator notices that we fabricated into elevator decals. 

The large removable 22"x28" elevator decals were to be installed by Loews' staff on the main elevator door of each hotel location. The graphics displayed proper elevator etiquette for guests or staff to read before entering the elevators. Our production team also fabricated small 6"x12" elevator decals for Loews' staff to apply on the inside of the elevators, which stated the same elevator etiquette. (Just in case people overlooked the first sign.) 

Elevator Decals for 27 Loews Hotel Locations Fabricated by 12-Point SignWorks Although we always offer our installation services for any project, customers can install their decals themselves. Check out our past 101 with 12-Point SignWorks video—where we show you how to install adhesive vinyl decals to smooth surfaces!

Hygiene Decals 

Every precaution matters as we continue our responsibility to lower COVID-19 cases. To capture the attention of customers and staff as they come into contact with personal hygiene areas and sanitation dispensers, we printed decals (also designed by Loews) that provided a step-by-step process on how to wash your hands and use hand sanitizer properly. The directional hygiene decals were placed on sanitizer dispensers and bathroom mirrors. 

[caption id="attachment_18694" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Loews Hotel Design for Directional COVID-19 signage- printed by 12-Point SignWorks Our skilled 12-Point team also fabricated branding stickers to go alongside the sanitation decals. The stickers reinstated the company's value to provide comfort for guests and staff with their slogan, "Welcoming You Like Family."

As we adjust our work environment to comply with COVID-19 health and safety regulations, reopening a place of business or maintaining it to keep the doors open can be challenging and nerve-wracking. (Trust us, we know the feeling!) However, our company is ready to do our part in the Middle Tennessee community and nationwide to help overcome those pandemic challenges. 

We appreciate Loews Hotels for working with us to provide their branded directional and advisory graphics to create a positive environment that supports the well-being of their guests and staff. 

Hey business owners! Do you need new directional signage or branding graphics for your facility that informs your guests of COVID-19 regulations and blends right in with your interior design? Well, you've come to the right site!

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