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Eye-Catching Custom Easter Signage for Church of the City

Posted on April 22, 2022 | Posted by 12-Point SignWorks

The message of Easter isn’t necessarily one that needs to be told for everyone to remember. There’s an entire holiday for it, after all. Seeing as how one of the church’s goals is to spread the gospel, the Church of the City reached out to see how we could help them do that through a unique custom puzzle and custom Easter signage.

Easter Puzzle

To help teach the younger generations about Easter, we fabricated a 48x36 puzzle themed around the tomb from which Jesus was resurrected. The cave graphic was printed directly on white foamboard with the individual puzzle pieces printed separately. Everything was cut by hand and Velcro was applied to the back of the pieces and front of the cave graphic to complete the puzzle.


Custom Easter Puzzle We really enjoyed creating this custom Easter puzzle for the Church of the City so they could share the message of Easter with the children in the church.


Easter Photo Booth Decal

Easter pictures are almost a rite of passage, with everyone dressed in their very best. The Church of the City understood this fact and went a step further by providing families and visitors an Easter-themed photo booth or photo backdrop at their Franklin, Spring Hill, and Downtown locations. We contour cut vinyl to create the He is Risen decal for the backdrop. Some locations had black lettering while the Spring Hill location had white.


Custom vinyl decal The custom photo booth backdrop made for some fantastic pictures this past Easter. (Note: This image only shows the upper left-hand corner of the photo backdrop.)


Easter Banners

For Church of the City’s Franklin and Spring Hill locations, we also fabricated custom double-sided mesh banners with Easter service dates and times. Since they would be outdoor signage, we included webbing for reinforcement and grommets on the sides for secure installation.


Custom Easter Signage These two-sided custom Easter banners with the service information were made to be portable. The Church of the City would then be able to move them whenever they needed more visibility.


We really enjoyed this custom Easter signage project with Church of the City, especially the puzzle. Creativity has no bounds when we take on each project. Would you like to add custom signage or banners to your church or office space? Give us a call and we can help design a comprehensive signage package that’s right for you!

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