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Find Your Own Adventure in a Custom Wrapped RV from Natchez Campers

Posted on September 09, 2022 | Posted by 12-Point SignWorks

Have you ever wanted to take off for an adventure across the country? Does the idea of packing everything in your car and trying your chance with random hotels along the way fill you with dread? Wouldn’t a cross-country adventure be a lot more fun with the family spread out in a camper, making s’mores around a campfire? If that sounds like heaven to you, this Project of the Week for a custom wrapped RV is right up your alley! Check out the custom partial Winnebago Solis 59PX wrap we completed for Natchez Campers.


Custom Wrapped RV They call this adventure van The Cardinal - The pop-top with a bird's eye view. Although they're based in Franklin, a Natchez Camper can take you anywhere you want to go.


Natchez Campers

When Nate and Colby discovered the joys of #vanlife, they wanted to share it with everyone. Not many people have a camper or RV as part of their personal vehicle collection, so they bought two 2022 Winnebago Solis RVs to customize and rent out. Both are class B camper vans, making them easy to drive for anyone, and they can accommodate up to 4 people. They both come fully equipped with everything a family needs to get in touch with nature without actually having to sleep IN nature.


Custom Wrapped Camper Van The pop-up top, along with the cardinal partial wrap design, almost makes this camper van look like a treehouse!


For the sake of comfort, they upgraded the Murphy bed system of cushions to a queen-sized mattress. Should kids be included on your tour across the country, they also have an air mattress with an electric pump that can be set up across the two front seats to provide separate sleeping quarters. Additionally, the camper vans come with a stocked kitchen, hammock, camping chairs, and even a shower with WARM WATER!

Nate and Colby also guarantee entertainment for all ages by including board games, playing cards, an OutDOOR adventure kit with a dart board, and other fun outdoor activities.

The Cardinal

Using elements and ideas provided by the owners, we created the design for the adventure van they lovingly call The Cardinal. The base paint color of the Winnebago allowed for a partial vehicle wrap while still looking like full coverage on all painted areas. The dark gray of the vinyl wrap has a subtle topographical map design, and The Cardinal looks set to fly off on its own adventure with the cardinal graphic that transitions the gray portion of the design to the original paint of the vehicle. Our team also created a set of three magnets with the Natchez Campers' logo that can easily be added to areas on the camper van.


Natchez Campers Proof The wrap and magnets were digitally printed on high-performance vinyl with a protective UV laminate to ensure their longevity.


We enjoyed working with Natchez Campers, and they were kind enough to set up a promo code for us. And not just a promo code for US, but also for YOU! Ready to reserve The Cardinal or The Hummingbird for your next adventure? Use promo code 12POINT to get 10% off the nightly rental rate.

A custom wrapped RV may be just what you need to get back in touch with nature. Well, at least get a little closer to it anyway. We can custom wrap almost anything; your only limit is your imagination, so reach out today!

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