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Fort Sill Federal Credit Union Reinforces Company Culture Through Custom Branding Graphics

Posted on April 16, 2021 | Posted by 12-Point SignWorks

Imagine yourself as a new employee walking into your brand new office space. Would you feel inspired, motivated, welcomed, or WOWed by your workspace aesthetic? The feelings you hope that new employee will have come from how well your office design aligns with your company culture — your values, goals, and characteristics. Recently, our friends at NewGround created this type of modern design space for the Fort Sill Federal Credit Union headquarters branch in Lawton, OK.

Their talented creative team designed custom branding graphics to reinforce the company's culture, enhance the brand association with customers, and create a motivating and comfortable environment for employees - current and future!  Fortunately, we had the opportunity to be a part of this experience. Check it out!


NewGround contacted us to fabricate and install dimensional wall displays and murals, framed office art, and privacy vinyl throughout the headquarters’ first and second floors.

Wall Displays Exhibiting Core Values


Custom Wall Display/ Company Culture Branding for Fort Sill FCU's New Headquarters We think it was a great idea to place this wall display of their core value to be community-driven in the lobby area. It's the perfect way to inform visitors that this company puts the community's interests first.

The first thing customers will notice as they enter the new facility is the custom lobby wall display. It boldly exhibits a quote from Coretta Scott King that reflects the financial institution's core value to be community-driven.

Our skilled production team digitally printed and contour cut vinyl material to create the quotation mark graphics and the header (CORE VALUE: COMMUNITY DRIVEN) and credit (CORETTA SCOTT KING) text. We also fabricated painted acrylic letters to create the lettering of Ms. King's quote. 

Our installation team layered the dimensional letters on top of the quotation mark graphics by mounting the lettering to the wall using VHB (Very High Bond double-sided tape). 


Custom Wall Display/ Branding for Fort Sill FCU's New Headquarters Our 12-Point team also fabricated and installed similar wall displays of other Fort Sill FCU core values in the back entryway and a passageway where the offices are on the first floor.

Dimensional Wall Display/ Company Culture Branding for Fort Sill FCU/ 12-Point SIgnWorks We fabricated two more of these core value wall displays on the second floor. Check out the mural below to see why these specific core values are essential to this financial institution's company culture. 

Training Room Exterior Wall Mural

Next, our 12-Point team fabricated an eye-catching branded wall mural covering two exterior walls of the training room next to the lobby area. Since this mural has multiple elements, let's break down each detail. 


Dimensional Branded Wall Mural for Fort Sill FCU/ Company Culture/ 12-Point SignWorks/ NewGround If we were Fort Sill employees working in this facility, this would be our favorite mural to walk past every day!

The first design element is the blue pattern wall covering extending across both sides. Our production team digitally printed the wallcovering and applied a textured "knit" laminate finish fabricated by 3M.


"Bump-out" Wall Structure for Custom Branded Wall Mural for Fort Sill FCU's Our skillful team did an amazing job aligning the dimensional display panel with the branded wall covering. We love the way it flows together.

The next layer is the  1-1/2" deep "bump-out" wall structure, which our installation team applied to the left wall. The 212" x 112" display structure is split into three horizontal sections and pieced together with 1/4" reveals, much like a large 3-piece puzzle. Covering the dimensional panels is a printed gray vinyl graphic with a gloss finish, and the pattern aligns with the pattern in the blue wallcovering design.

The final top layer for both walls is compromised of dimensional painted acrylic lettering that reminds employees and customers what Fort Sill FCU's core values are and the purpose of those values. Our installation team mounted these letters on the wallcovering and on the face of the left MDF panel. 


Dimensional Letters on a Branded Wall for Fort Still FCU/ Company Culture Branding/ 12-Point SignWorks The gray and white tones of the panel and dimensional letters are aesthetically appealing against the shades of blue.

Teller Wall - Full Wallcovering

To add WOW to the headquarters' branch area, NewGround queried us to fabricate a "28 x 9' wall covering for the teller wall. Our production team finished the branded wallcovering with 3M's 8600 textured "Knit" laminate. We also fabricated 3/4" thick acrylic letters that affirm Fort Sill FCU's mission statement. 


Dimensional Letters for Teller Back Wall Display/ Company Culture/ 12-Point SignWorks We mounted the letters to the wall using VHB for the small text and studs for the larger ones.

Office Art / Office Designs 12-Point SignWorks Installed for Fort Sill FCU/ NewGround Our installation team hung 25 framed office wall art in different office spaces on the first and second floor. Each photo shows landscapes and landmarks in Lawton, OK— a perfect display of community engagement. We also fabricated and installed SX-3140 Dusted Crystal privacy vinyl on various office windows on the first and second floors. 

NewGround did an incredible job incorporating Fort Sill FCU's company culture throughout their new headquarters branch with custom experiential branding graphics. We hope Fort Sill FCU's customers and employees feel inspired, motivated, welcomed, and WOWed by the modern, open office design. Thank you to our amazing partners at NewGround who continue to reach out to us with fun and challenging opportunities.

Now that you have seen an example of how appealing and effective it is to align your company culture to your office space design, here's what you have to do next!


Our team of experimental design experts is an email, phone call, or walk-in away from assisting you in enhancing your large or small facility space. Our services range from architectural displays to corten steel logo signs. 

There are so many interior and exterior office design possibilities to help you grow your brand association with customers and keep employees encouraged throughout the day. The best part is that WE ARE EAGER TO HELP!

Click the link below to reach our 12-Point team or call us at 615-595-6564. We look forward to working with you!

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