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12-Point SignWorks' Signage Projects Of The Week

Truss System Trade Show Display for Faith Broadcasting Network

Posted on March 15, 2016 | Posted by Kris Williamson

Some projects take time - especially when they are 20' wide trade show displays with multiple accessory pieces, graphics, and customized elements. But you know what? We love projects like these! It's so rewarding to see an idea that started in September blossom into a large and striking display the following February. Our latest Project of the Week features how we coordinated the production assembly for the 20' truss system trade show display for Faith Broadcasting Network.

So what is a truss system? A truss refers to a framework or supporting structure. In the trade show world, a truss system is a method of displaying customized graphics and product information. With many customers preferring simple retractable banner displays, the truss system offers a grander alternative that provides more opportunity for interaction and involvement within an exhibit space.

We were contacted by Faith Broadcasting Network in September of 2015, after a representative saw the truss system featured on our website. He liked that specific set-up so much that we based his exhibit off of the same layout. We provided templates for all of the graphic areas, and our client designed and sent us the completed artwork. From there, we compiled and fabricated the different elements of the display.

The exhibit consists of a number of pieces including:

  • A 10' x 20' powder coated steel truss display system with custom tensioned fabric panels
  • Two literature racks
  • Two shelves for monitors
  • Five 50 watt spotlights 
  • A curved truss counter with custom tensioned fabric panels
  • A 20' tensioned fabric display system with lightweight aluminum alloy frame
  • Custom designed fabric and rod system to join the truss display and fabric display system 
  • Cases for transporting the pieces
  • Miscellaneous items to assemble the display

In other words, there were a lot of working parts that went into this trade show display! We had everything ready in our shop by mid-February, knowing that we would be assembling the display at Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center for the Proclaim 16 NRB International Christian Media Convention. To ensure we had all of the pieces in working order, we assembled everything at our location prior to delivering and installing it at Opryland.

The hardware waiting for assembly in the shop at 12-Point SignWorks in Franklin, TN.

 Boxes and boxes and boxes, oh my! The hardware and transport cases arrived in our shop.

Stages of assembly for the 20' truss system display. 12-Point SignWorks

 We assembled the display in our shop to ensure all of the pieces were in working order. The truss exhibit is pretty amazing because it requires NO TOOLS when putting it together. It uses a simple twist and lock technique that makes set-up extremely easy! (The photo on the far right shows the structure for the truss display system with the assembled tensioned fabric display behind it.)

We love this system because of its strength, durability, flexibility, and overall good looks! It really does come together to make an impressive visual display that draws in an audience and engages them in brand awareness. 

The trial assembly of the truss display, tensioned fabric wall, and curved counter in our 12-Point SignWorks shop.

 This photo shows the assembled tension fabric display (in the back), the truss display system, and the curved truss counter.

The 20' tensioned fabric display, showing the aluminum alloy frame. 12-Point SignWorks

 The 20' tensioned fabric display system was used as the backside of the exhibit. The dye sublimated graphics on fabric were installed on the lightweight aluminum alloy frame. The frame locks into place with plastic hooks, and the fabric material attaches to the frame with a hook and loop method. Even better - you can collapse the entire display (with the graphics attached!) and store them in a handy carry bag to easily transport it to the next event.

20' truss system display at Gaylord Opryland. 12-Point SignWorks

Installation in progress! This photo shows the truss display system with the two shelves attached, holding the client's two monitors. If you look closely, you also can see the literature racks attached at the corners.

We appreciate Faith Broadcasting Network for sharing some photos of the exhibit 'in action' at Opryland! By all accounts, we've heard that the event was a success and the display system attracted quite an audience. With the addition of their seating area, we think it is very inviting. 

The completed truss system trade show display for Faith Broadcasting Network. 12-Point SignWorks

This photo, taken during the event, shows a little bit of everything that makes up the exhibit. The curved truss counter offers a perfect spot for treats and a laptop. You can see a glimpse of the black fabric we used to create custom curtains between the tensioned fabric back wall and the truss wall. This provided a private storage area in between the two 20' display structures.

This system is so versatile that pieces can be assembled in different ways to always create fresh visual interest. There are other designs available as well. The creative options are endless and can fit any display space.

If you are interested in a truss exhibit, let us know! We can help you design a space that will fulfill all of your trade show needs. Call us at (615) 595-6564, stop by our shop, or click on the link below to get started on your display system.

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