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More Than Just Vinyl for the Advertising Graphics on this MINI Cooper

Posted on December 21, 2016 | Posted by Kris Williamson

In late 2015, we met the owner of a 1984 Lotus Esprit. The vehicle had belonged to his father, and our customer was taking the time to carefully restore every inch of it. We were lucky to be a part of the restoration process! Fast forward to December 2016, and we reconnected with the customer to work on another project: custom advertising graphics for his MINI Cooper. 

Little did we know what the owner, Craig Margolius, had brewing in addition to the Lotus restoration. (Pun intended!) He was establishing SYPCOFFEE, a coffee gifting experience that inspires relationships and connections. SYPCOFFEE encourages you to savor every moment of life, and they offer packaged coffee and sugar bundles with handmade notes to help make that happen. Trust me, the packaging is just as beautiful as the contents.

To help get the word out about SYPCOFFEE, Craig asked us to fabricate and install advertising graphics for the sides of his MINI COOPER. The layout covered the rear side windows, which were covered in vinyl by the dealership to perfectly match the vehicle's paint.  

MINI Cooper for SYPCOFFEE prior to the advertising graphics installation. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin TN

The addition of the matching vinyl on the rear windows creates the prefect space to advertise.

SYPCOFFEE has a fantastic brandmark of an image of the world as a coffee stain. They provided us with two decals of the brandmark for the advertising graphics. That left us to fabricate the text portion of their logo. Once we had everything ready, we aligned the different portions of the combination mark onto both sides of the vehicle 

The MINI Cooper with the templates and decal on for placement. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin TN

 We used templates for the text to accurately position the logo onto the vehicle. The decal of the world was applied first.

Once we installed the creative coffee stain of the world, we repositioned our templates for the lettering to be applied. After each piece was securely on the vehicle, we removed the templates and any markings we had added for the application.

The installed advertising graphics on the SYPCOFFEE MINI Cooper. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin TN

 Everything is on, and it looks fantastic!

Typically, our vehicle advertising graphics use cut and printed vinyl, but that's not always the case. For this project, Craig originally asked for LED-lit dimensional letters for the logo. We designed something for him that gave the dimensionality and visual display that he wanted: acrylic letters with reflective vinyl.

A side view of the dimensional letters on the SYPCOFFEE MINI Cooper. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin TN

From the side, you can see how the dimensional letters stand out from the vehicle. They are attached with VHB and won't be going anywhere - even down the interstate!

We fabricated the letters our of clear acrylic that was covered in digitally printed reflective vinyl and laser cut to the shape of the logo. The 'SYPCOFFEE' letters were cut out of 1/4" thick acrylic, and 1/8" thick acrylic was used for the smaller letters.

We know the acrylic letters are cool, but what really makes them standout is the reflective vinyl. (You were thinking that, too, weren't you?) We digitally printed the reflective vinyl in PMS 1805 for the red in 'COFFEE' and PMS Cool Gray 11 for the remaining letters. When light shines on the reflective vinyl, the result is spectacular!

The reflective vinyl in action on the acrylic dimensional letters. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin TN

 I know, right?! Doesn't that look fantastic?

The advertising graphics on the SYPCOFFEE MINI Cooper. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin TN

 Here's another view of the advertising graphics in normal light...

The reflective vinyl on the dimensional acrylic letters for the SYPCOFFEE MINI Cooper. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin TN

...and highlighting the reflective vinyl with direct light.

We love how this project turned out, and Craig was pretty thrilled with it, too! From the unique coffee stain world image to the one-of-a-kind dimensional letters, this MINI Cooper will be noticed. If you have a moment, take some time to learn about SYPCOFFEE and the products they have available. 

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