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New Donor Legacy Wall Display: A Special Addition to Creekside Elementary

Posted on January 28, 2021 | Posted by 12-Point SignWorks

From forward-thinking educators to supportive PTA groups, it takes sincere willingness from community members to build a strong foundation within a school. One of the many ways members contribute to the educational growth and innovative leadership for the schools in their area is through charitable donations. We recently had the opportunity to see this sense of community in our Williamson County School District for Creekside Elementary in Franklin, TN. Let's look at the new donor legacy wall display we designed, fabricated, and installed for the elementary school to thank their "First Families" and business partners.


Before Photo of the Donor Legacy Wall DIsplay for Creekside Elementary This year, Creekside Elementary is trying to raise money for bulletin boards, walkie talkies, stationary bikes, flexible seating, and cube chairs. Check out their website for more information. 

Our project manager Jeni presented Creekside Elementary's PTA group with several design approaches for their donor legacy wall display. After they explored variations of materials, colors, finishes, and textures to match the aesthetic of the school's interior, the PTA group narrowed their ideas down to three concepts.

Our graphic designer Chris brought those concepts to life by creating mockups, incorporating Creekside's logo and brand colors. From there, the PTA group chose the design they felt would best reflect gratitude toward current and future donors. Check it out below! 


Proof of Creekside Elementary's Donor Display Visual appeal was the focal point of this wall display. Creekside's PTA group wanted the donor wall to be eye-catching, hoping to inspire community members to want to participate by having their name or organization added to the display.

This beautiful display consists of 336 satin-finish painted acrylic disks, which our installation team attached to two 3/4" thick painted MDF backer panels. Chris designed each disk to be fabricated in one of four different sizes and colors to signify the four donation tiers. 

  • Tier 1 $5,000 – Logos (1" thick white disks)
  • Tier 2 $1,000 Business or family names (3/4" thick yellow disks)
  • Tier 3 $350 – Child or family names (1/2" thick gray disks)
  • Tier 4 $100 – One single line with four other family or student names (1/4" thick navy disks)


Donor Legacy Wall Display for Creekside Elementary in Franklin, TN For an easier installation, our production team drilled eight 1/2" holes through each MDF panel to mount them to the 31’-10" wide x 110" tall cinder block wall.

Our production team also fabricated clear acrylic disks with donors' names/logos printed second surface, which we mounted to the faces of the painted disks using tamper-resistant stainless steel screws.  


Donor Legacy Wall Display for Creekside Elementary in Franklin, TN Second surface printing helps prevent unexpected scratches and damages to digitally printed lettering.

Although each backer panel is pre-populated with acrylic disks, not every disk has a donor's name/logo displayed. The blank disks are for, of course, future donors. 

We specifically engineered this display to be easily updated. Screwing the clear disks to the painted disks not only creates dimension but also serves as a cost-effective way for Creekside to be able to remove and reinstall disks for any additional donors. 

Once Creekside is ready to add a new donor to the wall display, they will remove a blank clear acrylic disk and send it to us to digitally print the lettering or logo. We will then return the printed disk to Creekside to reinstall it. 


Dimensional School Wall Logo for Creekside Elementary We love how this donor legacy wall display makes you want to scream, "Go Otters!"

Our 12-Point team also laser cut 3/8" painted acrylic lettering spelling out CREEKSIDE ELEMENTARY & OTTERS DONORS. Additionally, we fabricated a 40"x 45" yellow painted acrylic school logo. 


Donor Display for Creekside Elementary in Franklin, TN “Jeni has been a DELIGHT to work with, and we have nothing but good things to say about 12-Point,” Creekside’s PTA member Aaron Cleavinger stated. 

This was our first time working with Creekside Elementary, and our team couldn't be happier to create something for them to enjoy for years to come. 

Having a donor legacy wall display in your facility is not only a genuine way to recognize contributors to your organization or company, but it's a beautiful addition to have in your interior space. 

If you found inspiration from this display design and would like to create one for your facility, contact us at 615-595-6564 or click the link below. We look forward to speaking with you!

We are a sign company and custom design + build shop located in Franklin, TN. However, we serve the entire Middle Tennessee area, northern Alabama, and southern Kentucky. We also ship our custom products to addresses across the US and Canada.

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