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New Lobby Wall Graphics Welcome Customers at West Plains Bank & Trust Company

Posted on August 17, 2020 | Posted by 12-Point SignWorks

Over the years, we have had the pleasure of working with local financial institutions such as Ascend Federal Credit Union, Reliant Bank, and Franklin Synergy Bank. We've also had the good fortune of working with our good friends at NewGround across the nation at institutions including Lamar National Bank, 1st Summit Bank, Chartway Federal Credit Union, Farmers State Bank, and the Police Credit Union."

This month, we partnered again with NewGround to help fabricate and install new lobby wall graphics for West Plains Bank and Trust Company in Willows Springs, MO.  Let's take a look! 

Site Survey of the West Plains Bank & Trust Company Willow Springs Location This is what the lobby wall looked like before we added the beautiful custom graphics. Wondering what types of information we gather when completing a site survey? Take a look here!

It’s no secret that the Southwest Missouri community plays a big part in West Plains B&T Company’s brand identity. It’s where they opened their doors for the first time in 1883 and where they continue to remain locally owned and managed. Therefore, it was no surprise to discover they hired a local photographer to take beautiful landscape photos of the area to be placed in several branch locations. One of those locations is the Willow Springs branch! 

The misty landscape photo of a riverbed in the community is the backdrop of the new lobby wall graphics. Check it out below!

Lobby Wall Graphic for West Plains Bank & Trust Company 's Willow Springs Location Pro Tip: Wall graphics are the perfect coverings for blank walls, but they can't cover physical flaws. We highly recommend you to always prep your walls before installing any wall graphics. Check out our past article, "The Dos and Don'ts Of Prepping Walls Before Installing Vinyl Graphics & Murals," for more details. 

Once the art files were prepped for fabrication, our production team accessed them to print the wall graphics on adhesive-backed 3M vinyl with a textured laminate. We securely packaged and transported the graphics to Willow Springs, MO, where our team installed the mural on the bank's painted drywall, which was previously prepped with a Level 5 finish and semi-gloss paint. (Check out the caption below the photo above for a link to an article about how to prep your walls before installations.)

Dimensional Letters for West PLains B&T Lobby Graphics One of our installation goals was to complement the color of the wall paint to the color of the wall graphics!

Our production team also fabricated 1" thick decorative acrylic panels and 1/2" thick painted dimensional lettering on 1/4" thick spacers that spelled "WELCOME" to add more flair to the design layout. 

Lobby Wall Graphics for West Plains Bank & Trust Company Each panel featured a 2nd surface translucent print of a wave pattern in complementary colors.

Dimensional Letter for West Plains Bank & Trust Company Wall Graphics The dimensional acrylic letters are our favorite part!

We wanted the 1/2" thick, white acrylic letters spelled "WELCOME" to emphasize West Plains' mission for every customer to leave as a friend. To achieve this goal, the "best crew ever!" cut clear acrylic disks to use as spacers (behind the letters) to create an additional dimensional effect. (It's similar to a 3D effect, but not as overwhelmingly in your face!)

As an added bonus, we also installed new privacy vinyl for their office windows and doors! 

Privacy Window Vinyl for West Plains Bank & Trust Company We love how NewGround designed the wave graphics applied to the window vinyl. It complements the lobby wall graphics very well. 

We hope customers of the West Plains’ Willow Springs branch, who see the new graphics for the first time, feel the sense of community that we felt when we stepped back and took in the stunning appeal of the new lobby design. 

Whether you're a large financial institution or a local company in our community or in another state, we’re always happy to help design and build custom graphics for you that reflect your brand identity.

Call us today at 615-595-6564 or click the link below to get started on your next WOW project. We look forward to working with you. 

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