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12-Point SignWorks' Signage Projects Of The Week

New Menu Board Decals for Local Sonic Locations Solve Operating Challenges

Posted on April 01, 2021 | Posted by 12-Point SignWorks

Nothing makes us happier than catching the sights of projects we've completed around our Middle Tennessee community. Whether it's driving next to a custom vehicle wrap or walking inside a retail store, we enjoy noticing how our branding and custom signage services promote our clients' businesses. The best part about seeing our work outside of our office is knowing that YOU (our current and future clients) have possibly seen them too. For instance, if you've stopped by a local Sonic Drive-In in the past month, you may have noticed new custom decals on the menu board. Here's how we assisted Tweeb Gladwell (manager of Berry Farms Sonic in Franklin, TN) improve his store and other regional Sonic locations customer experience and work environment.

For some time, Tweeb noticed that his employees were having trouble hearing orders because customers were talking to the wrong speaker. Employees continuously asked customers to repeat their orders or faced angry customers who had received incorrect orders because employees could not hear them. (Ahh, the tales of the fast-food experience.)  

Tweeb also recognized his locations needed more staffing for the upcoming spring and summer seasons. He needed a way to advertise for applications.

With these challenges in mind, he thought of two innovative and effortless ideas to solve them— this is where we came in!

He reached out to our company with his ideas to create two custom menu board decals. One decal would indicate the correct speaker, and the other would attract prospective new hires by simplifying the application process. After hearing his challenges and thoughts, our project manager/ graphic designer Jeni came up with the perfect designs to achieve his goals.

Proof Design of the Menu Board Decal for Sonic Drive-In in Franklin, TN (Berry Farms) “Jeni's support was great and her attention to our projects was amazing. She even came to Sonic to get ideas and make sure the sign colors would match and work. As a restaurant operator, I notice good friendly service wherever I go. Jeni is a perfect example of that.” Tweeb stated. 

Our production team fabricated circular, easy-to-apply adhesive decals that read "Speak Here" with Sonic's newly rebranded logo. Once applied, the speaker would be visible in the center of the decal.


Proof Design of the Custom Menu Board Decal for Sonic in Franklin, TN (Berry Farms) 12-Point SignWorks Big shout out to Tweeb for coming up with the content for this design! Starting anything with a question like “Are You Awesome?” will surely grab anyone’s attention!

To entice more applicants, Jeni and Tweeb collaborated to create branded hiring decals with customized QR codes to provide a streamlined application process. When customers pull up to the menu stalls, they can scan the code right from their vehicle using their smartphone camera and apply for open positions at that specific Sonic location.


New Menu Board Decals for local Sonic stores in the Williamson County region By incorporating Sonic's brand colors, both decals really pop against the black menu board. 

After completing this project for Tweeb and the other store locations in his district, we received immediate positive feedback! 

Not only were both decals improving the work environment for these first few locations, but corporate leaders of the franchise took notice of Tweeb’s idea. The news quickly spread to the other franchises and has gained tremendous popularity!


Custom Menu Board Decals for Sonic Drive-In for Barry Farms Franklin, TN/ 12-Point SignWorks We are currently producing these custom decals for over 100 Sonic store locations!

"I highly recommend 12-Point Sign Works to anyone needing a sign made, big or small. My recommendation would be to give small ideas and pointers on what you want on a sign or design, then get out of the way and let Jeni and all the great people at 12-Point SignWorks do their magic," Tweeb stated. (*insert our tears of happiness*)

We've said this a million times before, but we LOVE our Middle Tennessee community. Our growth and success stem from locals, business leaders, and creative agencies in our community that support us and connect with us consistently. We couldn't be more grateful for the opportunities we continue to have. 

We thank Tweeb and Sonic Drive-In's corporate marketing team for trusting in our company with their custom signage needs. We look forward to our next partnership with them.

Are you looking for effortless and engaging signage to improve your work environment for your customers and employees? Or are you looking for a trusted sign company that can help you refresh your entire office space with experiential branding graphics? 

Then, HEY! Welcome to 12-Point SignWorks!

Contact us today at 615-595-6564 or click the link below to speak with one of our amazing team members about how we can help you enhance your brand identity!

We are a sign company and custom design + build shop located in Franklin, TN, but we also serve Middle Tennessee, northern Alabama, and southern Kentucky. We also ship our custom products to addresses in the US and Canada.

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