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12-Point SignWorks' Signage Projects Of The Week

New Vinyl Graphics & Menu Board Display for Sweet CeCe's Franklin, TN

Posted on February 17, 2016 | Posted by Kris Williamson

If you haven't been to Sweet CeCe's Franklin lately, you definitely need to stop by for a treat sometime soon. They've been making some changes to their menu, and you are guaranteed to find something (or maybe a few things) to satisfy your sweet tooth. To help the Franklin location advertise the new options, we fabricated and installed new vinyl graphics and a menu board display. 

We started with an update to their exterior window graphics. For the new look, we installed etched glass cut vinyl graphics to the exterior of their two storefront windows. The new logo graphics include a listing of the additional treats that can be found inside, including pies, cookies, and hand scooped ice cream. For all of you faithful Sweet CeCe's fans, don't worry! You can still order the frozen yogurt that made this shop famous on West Main Street!

Previous window graphics for Sweet CeCe's Franklin. 12-Point SignWorks

The photos above show the previous window graphics that could be seen on West Main Street in Franklin.

The proof version for the new window graphics for Sweet CeCe's in Franklin, TN. 12-Point SignWorks

The proof above shows how the new graphics look on the storefront windows for Sweet CeCe's. As soon as we have a sunny day, we will update with photos of the actual windows! Stay tuned...

Fresh baked pies make up a portion of the updated menu at the shop. We added some detail to the pie case in the store with etched glass cut vinyl. Yes, the pie case has glass so you can see the 'Fresh BAKED Goods' inside, but we think the addition of the vinyl adds a special touch. 

Cut vinyl on the pie case at Sweet CeCe's Franklin. 12-Point SignWorks

I can't wait to see this display case full of homemade goodies!

Original display wall in Sweet CeCe's Franklin. 12-Point SignWorks

Our final project was the best of the bunch - mainly because we got a sneak peek of the new treats. We designed a menu board display, utilizing a part of the shop that was previously designated for decoration and countertop displays. You can see the original space in the photo to the right. The Sweet CeCe's folks painted the top portion of the wall black to create the background for 1/4" thick acrylic lettering. The letters were laser cut out of gloss clear acrylic that was backpainted white to give a milky appearance perfect for a dessert store. 

To the other four areas, we attached magnetic material adhered to 1/8" thick black PVC to the drywall. Since the sections were not completely square, we chased the outline of the rectangular areas with black vinyl to hide any pink paint from showing. 

The menu graphics were digitally printed on material that adheres to the magnetic panels. If you look closely at the photo below, you can see the individual pieces that have been placed on the panels. Even the photos of the desserts at the top are on removable pieces that can be swapped out and updated if and when the menu changes. We love how this menu board turned out and the convenience it offers for new dessert selections.

The new menu board at the Sweet CeCe's in Franklin. 12-Point SignWorks

The installed menu board! We love how this turned out. Now head to Sweet CeCe's Franklin for dessert tonight, y'all!

We've worked with Sweet CeCe's for a long time now, and it was a pleasure to partner with them for this project. If you haven't visited a Sweet CeCe's location before, you should really give them a try. As one happy customer said, "Life is short, eat dessert first!" We couldn't agree more!

If you are in need of vinyl graphics or unique displays, let us know how we can help! We always welcome a challenge and enjoy creating unique signage for our customers nationwide. You can reach us at (615) 595-6564 or at the link below.

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