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Overcoming Design Challenges for the Latest Mossy Oak Properties Truck Wrap

Posted on May 08, 2020 | Posted by 12-Point SignWorks

Recent studies show that Americans drive 13,474 miles per year.  Within that time, we are exposed to many sources of outdoor advertising such as billboards, digital boards by the bus stops, or vehicle advertisements - our personal favorite. 

The biggest perk about mobile advertising is the flexibility to attract new customers while on the road or parked in a parking lot. Creating custom vehicle wraps for our clients is rewarding and fun to do, but sometimes it can be challenging.

Let's look at how we overcame one of those challenges to create a custom truck wrap for Mossy Oak Properties, TN Land & Farm.

Mossy Oak Properties Blue Truck Before Installation by 12-Point Sign Works A bright blue truck for an outdoor-oriented real estate firm-this is going to get interesting!

We have worked with Mossy Oak Properties of Tennessee's owner Jamie Spencer since 2014! After receiving successful reviews from his vehicle wraps, Mr. Spencer contacted us to complete another one. However, our creative director faced a challenge when Mr. Spencer presented him with a bright blue truck and camouflage design ideas. 

Truck Wrap Design for Mossy Oak by 12-Point SignWorks “I brought to the table several ideas and Torrence took that vision and added his own expert design touch” says Mr. Spencer. 

Usually, bright blue and camouflage are not compatible. So, our creative director had to come up with a plan to incorporate the blue in the wrap to make it not look forced.

He decided to keep the blue on the truck's bumper and bed, and also cut out the rivets on the fender flares. It prevented the blue color from looking alone and harsh on the front of the truck.

Back of Truck Wrap Design for Mossy Oak installed by 12-Point SignWorks The blue bumper on the rear added consistency to the overall look and made it a truly homogeneous design!

The next challenge for our team was to make sure the design flowed around the truck's hardware. Our production team printed the bedside wrap in four pieces using our HP 570 latex printer - front door, rear door, bedside, and fender flares. 

One of our installers removed the fender flares in order to cover most of the blue paint in those four areas. After the bedside wrap was applied, the fender flares were reattached and carefully wrapped to ensure the separate pieces lined up correctly.

Clean Look for Mossy Oak's Mobile Advertising by 12-Point SignWorks The graphics were laminated with a matte finish to give it contrast against the glossy blue paint.

For the vehicle wrap on the rear of the truck, our production team used our HP printer again to cut two pieces- the black design with Mossy Oak Properties' logo and slogan and the camouflage strip with their contact information. 

After applying the black design, one of our installers used knifeless tape to ensure the camouflage strip followed the actual contour of the truck as opposed to the basic template that doesn't always show the detailed body lines of the vehicle.

Once the strip was applied, we overcame our final challenge!

Owner Jamie Spencer Photo of Truck Wrap by 12-Point SignWorks “They take a laid back approach to design, not pushy to accept the design right out of the gate and they apply the wrap in a professional manner,” says Mr. Spencer.

Our team really enjoyed working on this project! We were thrilled to know that Mr. Spencer also enjoyed the design process and felt like the application of the actual wrap was done with care. (His words, not ours!)

Summer is approaching and this a great time for you to invest in mobile advertising to attract visitors and locals alike! Our team is dedicated to creating custom designs that can positively impact your company for a long time. 

Finished Look of Vehicle Wrap by 12-Point SignWorks Our team did a great job of making the bright blue and camouflage look amazing together!

If you are ready to take your brand mobile, give us a call today at (615) 595-6564 or click on the button below. Estimates are always free!

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