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12-Point SignWorks' Signage Projects Of The Week

Slam Dunk Trailer Decals for the Inspiring Non-Profit Hot Dog Slam

Posted on April 08, 2021 | Posted by 12-Point SignWorks

We regularly receive comments from new customers stating that their inspiration to create something new for their work environment came from past projects they saw on our social media platforms or website. In turn, we're regularly inspired by our clients, the work they're doing, and the mission and vision behind their work.

We are blessed to meet extraordinary people with phenomenal businesses and strong company values who need our branding services to reach a bigger audience in their community. For instance, let's take a look at the custom trailer decals we created for Hot Dog Slam— and they're not your ordinary hot dog stand.


Proof Design of a Custom Banner we installed for Hot Dog Slam/ 12-Point SIgnWorks "A good friend of mine knows Murray very well and connected me with him. This project is part of a long-time dream of mine, and it's mind-blowing to have someone like Murray to graciously help me out," Dan Edwards stated in a recent 12-Point interview. Picture: the graphic of a banner we printed for Dan earlier this year. 


In November of 2019, Dan Edwards began his non-profit Hot Dog Slam under his other non-profit organization, Battle4Good. The name came to be from his love of basketball, but his decision to start up Hot Dog Slam came after listening to his heart and God about his next steps in life. 

"I generally do sports ministry, but that got minimized last year due to COVID. So, I came to a point in my life where God gave me the words to do the things I could do with the things I have. So, I looked at my backyard. I said, well, I'm looking at a grill, and I want to serve people." And serve he did!

With generous donations from locals and help from close friends, Dan and his three boys have traveled across Middle Tennessee to serve grilled hot dogs to those in need of some food and love. We also can't forget the basketball hoop he brings along for the "Slam" aspect of the cause. 


Custom Trailer Graphic for Hot Dog Slam/ 12-Point SignWorks "We started with serving 250 hot dogs, and now we have just surpassed 5,000 meals served. WOW!" Dan said in a humbled disbelief. "This is a passion that I want to give back to people, especially in this time."


To contribute to his worthy cause, the 12-Point team donated our services to fabricate and install bright white, eye-catching logo decals for his new slick black trailer. We hope the bold new trailer decals draw more attention to his cause because, as Dan states, "every $25 donation feeds 80 people" — a small price to pay for a meaningful contribution to feed those in need in our community. 


Custom Trailer Graphic for Hot Dog Slam/ Battle4Good/ 12-Point SignWorks Dan and his boys team up with OneGen Away three weekends a month to help them feed our communities.


"You know, if you have a heart to serve people, you show up no matter what.  It's like showing up for your job. This is my job and I have to show up to do it," Dan stated. 

Although his three boys have been a great help in assisting him with serving our community, volunteers are always welcome. So if you are interested in working alongside Dan and his boys, you can contact him by email (dan@battle4good.org) or click here to donate. 

Interested in where you can find Dan and the new Hot Dog Slam trailer? His schedule is posted regularly on all of his social media platforms.


Dan Edwards with his New Customized Trailer/ 12-Point SignWorks Dan hopes to continue growing his cause and sports ministry for years to come. 


As we stated before, our inspiration and dedication to grow as a company don't always come from our work accomplishments. It also comes from our clients and partners who need our services to bring life to and serve in our community. 

Dan, thank you again for trusting in our company to help enhance your goal to serve people in the Greater Nashville community!

Check out our past article, "Making Vehicle Wrap Wishes Come True With Make-A-Wish Middle Tennessee," for another example of how our clients brighten up our days at the shop. 

Would you like to know more about our company and our other custom branding services? Click the link below, and one of our 12-Point members will be in touch with you. 

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