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Sweet Custom Advertising Wrap for the Newest Addition to Amelia’s Flowers

Posted on July 29, 2022 | Posted by 12-Point SignWorks

One of our favorite repeat customers would have to be Amelia’s Flowers. Our partnership started in 2016 with custom graphics for a chalkboard display and two adorable flower trucks. Since then, we’ve created several other custom graphic projects together. The custom advertising wrap for this Project of the Week is similar in design to the 2020 Transit Van we wrapped back in June of 2021. The beautiful blue is recognizable throughout their branding, on their delivery fleet, as well as their website. The delicate and whimsical nature of their logo is another common theme and is a brilliant way to convey the joy that comes from giving and receiving something beautiful… Like flowers!  

Three Little Flower Trucks

Within the first three years of starting her flower endeavors, Mattie Bush, the founder and owner, went from one truck to three! The vintage converted VW trucks perfectly match her whimsical branding. The green 1962 truck, named Amelia or “Amy” for short, was the first and included custom logo graphics for the doors and chalkboard display.


Amelia's First Flower Truck We think the adorable vintage VW truck affectionately known as Amy is a perfect match for the whimsical branding of Amelia's Flowers.


The white VW, affectionately named Melody, was the last flower truck we created custom graphics for. We also created simpler graphics for their middle truck, Rory. Rory’s graphics didn’t need to be as feminine because he’s a gentleman! The custom-cut vinyl logo graphics for the doors and lettering on the sides of the bed are slightly different but cohesive across all three flower trucks.


Custom Graphics on Flower Truck The custom-cut vinyl logo graphics and lettering for Melody stand out against the white paint.


Mobile Marketing (Plus Deliveries!) with a Custom Advertising Wrap

When your career relies on vehicles as a big part of its business model, a custom advertising wrap becomes invaluable mobile marketing. The gift that keeps on giving. The first full wrap we designed and installed for Amelia’s Flowers was for a 2020 Transit Connect van intended for deliveries. The custom vehicle wrap with Amelia’s logo and illustrated flowers also provides constant advertising no matter where it goes.

Amelia's Flowers Advertising Wrap The color and design for Amelia's Flowers' mobile marketing and delivery vehicles may differ from the flower trucks, but the branding is cohesive and still recognizable.


Our most recent project took the same whimsical branding and design from the Transit and adapted it to a full custom vehicle wrap for a 2016 Ford Fiesta. The design also included perforated vinyl for the backseat windows and rear window. We completed Amelia’s Flowers' newest local flower delivery and mobile marketing vehicle a few weeks ago, and we love watching Amelia’s continue to flourish and grow in Middle Tennessee. (And did you know they ship all around the country?!)

[caption id="attachment_20126" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Custom Advertising Wrap The delicate and whimsical font and flower drawings are instantly recognizable as branding for Amelia's Flowers.


We feel honored to be part of this beautiful branding partnership with Amelia’s Flowers and would love to help you get the best start in your own endeavors. Give us a call or send us a message today!

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