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This '67 Mustang Custom Vehicle Wrap was a Father's Day Surprise!

Posted on June 22, 2016 | Posted by Kris Williamson

We hope all of the dads and future dads out there had a wonderful Father's Day this past weekend. We know one man who certainly had one he won't forget! We were part of the ultimate car heist, Limitless vehicle wrap, and Father's Day surprise of a lifetime. It all began with a beautiful '67 Ford Mustang and a loving family member...

We met our customers last year when we installed custom decals on their company vehicle. We were thrilled to be contacted again - this time for an incredible surprise!

The plan began with a sting operation to get the vehicle from its home to our shop. Our trusted team member (no name will be provided for protection!) arrived to get the car at a previously arranged time. Knowing that nobody would be home, he effectively drove the car to our shop without being spotted.

Once we had the Mustang in our shop, we prepped it for the installation by removing all badges, door handles, and accessory vinyl (i.e. the stripes along the bottom sides of the car). 

The '67 Mustang prior to the vinyl installation. Limitless Auto Wraps - Franklin, TN

 This is the '67 Mustang in our shop just before we prepped it for the wrap! Upon close inspection, there were multiple paint colors on the vehicle.

We sent home vinyl sample books with our customer so that she could choose the color that most accurately matched the paint on the Mustang. She chose 3M 1080-G203 Gloss Red Metallic for the wrap material, and we installed it on every painted surface of the classic car. 

The installed custom wrap on a '67 Mustang. Limitless Auto Wraps - Franklin, TN

All done and ready for the big reveal! As you can see, we added some extra vinyl to the car.

To really make the Mustang stand out, we added 3M 1080-M22 Deep Matte Black stripes to the hood of the car. The stripes start at the windshield and end at the hood vents. We knew this was a risky addition because the owner didn't know we were adding them, but we were confident that he would love it!  

Hood stripes added to the '67 Mustang custom wrap. Limitless Auto Wraps - Franklin, TN

Surprise! We added custom stripes to the hood of the Mustang! 

A close-up of the stripe detail on the hood of the '67 Mustang. Limitless Auto Wraps - Franklin, TN

Thinner accent stripes frame the two main hood stripes and all of them end at the hood vents.

We replaced the stripes that were on the sides of the Mustang with more custom deep matte black stripes. We also added 'MUSTANG' lettering to the stripe design. Again...all a surprise!

Side stripes with lettering on a '67 Mustang. Limitless Auto Wraps - Franklin, TN

This angle shows the side stripe with 'MUSTANG' lettering on the driver's side. Lookin' good!

We are happy to report that the Father's Day surprise was a complete success! We received a number of messages, letting us know that the owner is absolutely thrilled with the classic car wrap and the stripes!

Whether you want a wrap for yourself or as a surprise for someone special, Limitless Auto Wraps (a subsidiary of 12-Point SignWorks) can provide high-end customization for your vehicle. Our talented team of installers are some of the best in the business, serving the Franklin, Brentwood, Nashville, Murfreesboro, and surrounding Middle Tennessee areas. Contact us at (615) 649-7995 or click on the link below to get started on your custom vehicle wrap by Limitless Auto Wraps.

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If you are looking for a wrap for your commercial vehicle, we can do that too! We can assist with the design, fabrication and installation for one or all of your fleet vehicles. Contact us at (615) 595-6564 or by clicking on the link below for more information about our commercial wrap services.

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