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Training Facility Branding Graphics for Nashville K-9's New Location: Part 1

Posted on October 20, 2020 | Posted by 12-Point SignWorks

A dog is a man’s best friend. However, what makes dogs such great companions? It could be the way they love you unconditionally (maybe even more with the right amount of treats). It could also be the way they comfort you when you're sad or make you laugh with their funny antics. Whatever the reason, we know, for sure, dogs are a one-of-a-kind species — especially if they're trained by the best of the best like Ali Hemyari and the team at Nashville K-9.

Nashville K-9 is the largest dog training facility in Tennessee that offers a multitude of training programs from personal pet training to search and rescue. Recently, the company opened its new location in Franklin, TN, and we had the opportunity to design, fabricate, and install new training facility branding graphics for them. 

Vehicle Decals for Nashville K-9 by 12-Point SignWorks If you're a loyal 12-Point reader or social media follower, then you know this isn't our first time working with Nashville K-9. Our vehicle wrap experts have wrapped or applied decals to their company vehicles for the past three years.

Since there were so many elements to this facility branding project, we decided to split this Project of the Week into two parts. Check out part one below as we discuss the design, fabrication, and installation process of Nashville K-9’s front entrance graphics and floor graphics. 

Grand Opening 

As you approach the facility's front sliding doors, you will see our sleek installation of window graphics. The graphics include: Nashville K-9's logo and slogan, the name of the general manager, and information for entering guests or law and safety enforcement. 

Window Graphics for Nashville K-9 by 12-Point SignWorks Our production team used a white vinyl print material with a protective UV gloss laminate to create the window graphics. 

Once you enter the doors, your eyes are opened wide to a state-of-the-art training facility. To the left, you will be greeted with a smile at the front desk of the lobby. Stretched along the lobby wall is a timeline display we designed, fabricated, and installed.

Training Facility Graphics for Ali Hemyari and Nashville K-9 by 12-Point SignWorks “...We wanted to build something that the United States hasn’t seen before, really the world hasn’t seen before. The idea was culminating 15 years of experience to build a facility that is not only innovative but elevated the bar for the pet industry,” says Ali Hemyari, owner of Nashville K-9.

Timeline Wall

The first layer of the 15' W timeline wall is a mural of a canine participant of the training program. (The perfect backdrop for brand identity)! After our skilled 12-Point team applied the mural, they used an installation template to align and accurately drill the holes to mount 20 custom-shaped acrylic panels with black standoffs. 

On the acrylic displays, dating from 2005-2020, visitors can read and see photos of significant accomplishments Nashville K-9 has made. The blank displays, dating from 2021-2024, reflect the anticipated achievements of future years to come. 

Timeline Display and Facility Branding Graphics for Nashville K-9 by 12-Point SignWorks We're excited to see what else is in store for this amazing dog training center!

More Lobby Graphics

Although the timeline wall might catch your attention first as you enter the facility, our 12-Point team also installed other striking lobby graphics. Above the media wall (behind the receptionist desk), our 12-Point team installed a dimensional clear acrylic panel of the Herring Technology logo. This tech company is a featured partner with Nashville K-9. 

Facility Branding Graphics for Nashville K-9 by 12-Point SignWorks Here's a visual of the Herring Technology logo panel and the Hound Bar dimensional letters.

We also fabricated black dimensional, acrylic letters that spell out HOUND BAR—the name Nashville K-9 gave their complimentary refreshment area. Our installers attached each letter to the shiplap wall with tabs of 3M high bond double-sided tape.

Facility Branding Graphics for Nashville K-9 by 12-Point SignWorks Our talented installation team also applied other black dimensional letters throughout the facility using high bond double-sided tape.

Floor Graphics

Throughout the facility, we applied black vinyl logo graphics to the floor surface during the floor installation. The graphics are actually encapsulated within the floor epoxy, making them a permanent feature.

Floor Graphics for Nashville K-9 by 12-Point SignWorks CoachFido.com is Nashville K-9’s online dog training website for pet owners to learn fundamental techniques to train their dogs at home.

We had a blast working with Ali Hemyari to create and install Nashville K-9's front entrance graphics and their floor graphics. As guests walk through the training facility doors and see the spectacular interior layout, we are certain they will feel confident that their pet is in the right hands! 

There’s More Coming Soon!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this Project of the Week article as we highlight the installation process of three Nashville K-9 murals, experiential graphics for Secure Air Charter, and Merrick Pet Care vendor spaces, and much more!

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In addition to experiential branding graphics, we also specialize in custom vehicle advertising wraps, architectural displays, tradeshow displays, and custom projects. We are delighted to serve Nashville and surrounding towns in Middle Tennessee, including Franklin, Brentwood, Murfreesboro, and Spring Hill.

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