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"Wrapped" Up Another Franklin's Fruit Tea Project with a Custom Trailer Wrap

Posted on October 13, 2021 | Posted by 12-Point SignWorks


custom trailer wrap

A repeat customer is a happy customer. We've completed multiple projects for Franklin's Fruit Tea, including two custom trailer wrap installs, which show us they're a pretty happy customer!


This Project of the Week is more like a featured customer of the week. And it’s actually been a couple of YEARS in the making! We started working with Franklin's Fruit Tea back in late 2019. Just like the company featured in our last Project of the Week, the owner of Franklin's Fruit Tea, Mylikia Franklin, also came to us as a referral. Word of mouth is often the best advertisement, and the only way you can invest in that kind of marketing is by consistently putting out good work. We hope that's the case since we've completed a few projects for their fruit tea business in less than two years! (Not to diminish the fact that it’s also a sign of their popularity and growth too!)

At the beginning of December 2019, Franklin's Fruit Tea approached us with their logo in hand. Our vehicle wrap designer, Torrence, created a custom design for their very first trailer using their logo and brand colors. And that was the start of a beautiful friendship…


custom trailer wrap It almost feels like we're giving a peek behind the curtain for the Great and Powerful Oz. But it's a beautiful thing to see how the magic starts on one of our custom trailer wraps.


Once approved, we printed the custom design on our large format printer. The vinyl pieces were prepped for installation, and the enclosed pull-behind trailer was covered from head to toe, figuratively speaking, of course. The bright yellow is such a happy color and certainly draws the eye. It showcases their socials and puts the emphasis where it belongs: on their fruit tea.


custom trailer wrap

The completed first custom trailer wrap for Franklin's Fruit Tea was a success! The bright brand colors and images of fruit make sure every potential customer knows exactly what they're getting from Franklin's Fruit Tea.


Franklin's Fruit Tea enjoyed quite a bit of growth over the year despite the challenges of the pandemic. They were even lucky enough to open a brick-and-mortar store in the Spring of this year. That's an impressive sign of success! We felt pretty honored when they asked us to do the vinyl window graphics for their new store. Their logo and the bright brand colors tie in perfectly with the graphic design we did for their first trailer wrap and make it an instantly recognizable location.


custom trailer wrap

These custom window graphics were the second project we had the honor of completing for Franklin's Fruit Tea. The brand colors and logo matched the custom trailer wrap beautifully, making their new brick-and-mortar storefront instantly recognizable.


Franklin's Fruit Tea has seen so much growth that not only did they need a brick-and-mortar storefront, they also required a second trailer! Mylikia, half of the husband and wife team who founded Franklin's Fruit Tea in 2017, said it best:

"We absolutely love working with Torrence and 12-Point SignWorks! They did such an amazing job on our first trailer, it was a no-brainer to have them wrap our second. We will be back with more projects!"

And that's the story of how we started (and completed!) the THIRD project for their fruit tea business! We designed and installed another full custom trailer wrap graphic for their second trailer to keep up with their jam-packed calendar. We highly recommend you check them out so you can see for yourself how they grew so fast in less than two years!


custom trailer wrap This is the second custom trailer wrap we just finished. All the key brand elements are there with the focus on the most important part: Franklin's Fruit Tea!


Now, we're not saying our custom graphic trailer wrap had EVERYTHING to do with their insane business growth. But to say they got their money's worth back on that investment would be an understatement. Let's test this theory for your business. Give us a call or send us a message today!

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