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12-Point SignWorks' Signage Projects Of The Week

Laser-Cut Acrylic Hospital Model for Gresham, Smith and Partners

Posted on June 21, 2017 | Posted by Lynette Harris

When Gresham, Smith and Partners (GS&P) architects contacted us about creating a scaled model of a brand new hospital they are building, we were excited to discuss this new project! They requested a clear acrylic rendering that the hospital will feature in their main lobby. To make it even more eye-catching, it will be the up-lit centerpiece of an interactive table display. The display will include iPads, photos, and other informational pieces about the new facility to show people the scope of the new structure and basic outline of the campus.

The clear acrylic layers are cut to fit the layout of the hospital grounds. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin TN

 Isn't it lovely? It's mesmerizing how the light shines through the hospital model.

Another view of the GS&P hospital model using clear acrylic layers. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin TN

 Another angle of the hospital campus. The top pieces were covered with a frosted vinyl layer.

We used 3/4" clear acrylic and bonded together the optically-clear layers to form the 9-story facility and surrounding entrances, sidewalks, and grounds. This was an engaging project for our team, as it gave us an opportunity to utilize our knowledge that we have from doing other acrylic projects; however, we needed to adapt our skills for a larger-scale model requiring an optically-clear view from many angles.

Close-up of the acrylic layers for the hospital model. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin TN

If you look at the model from the side, the pieces are completely clear and the lines indicating the layers practically disappear.

Another angle of the GS&P hospital clear acrylic model, showing how clear the layers are. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin TN

 Another view showing the clarity of the model. We can't wait to see how it looks with the light shining through it.

This scaled model (approximately 3’ in diameter and 12” tall) is mostly for presentation, but it does give a great idea of the size, scope, viewpoints, and physical layout of the hospital. Community members who see the model will be able to watch the development of the new hospital and anticipate what's to come as the building process takes shape over the coming months.

A view from above, showing the frosted material that caps the top pieces of acrylic. 12-Point SignWorks - Franklin TN

A view from above, showing the frosted vinyl that caps the acrylic.

We enjoyed being a part of this innovative project with GS&P, in conjunction with Surge Agency in Nashville, and we look forward to doing more like it in the future. We definitely expanded our clear acrylic expertise and are excited to work on more architectural replicas like this to bring structures out of the 'mind’s eye' and share them with others as beautiful, realistic images of what is or what is “about to be!”

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